How Can I Help? 

As a Trustee, I can listen and then offer advice to help solve educational issues you or your child maybe experiencing. One way I can help is by directing parents/rate payers to the appropriate person(s) who can help solve problems in our School Board.

 Is your child experiencing a challenge at school?  Is your child experiencing some difficulties? Are you not sure how to help. Here are some possible steps to take:

 First speak to your child about what sorts of issues they are having.  Follow up with a request to meet with your child’s teacher (or speak on the phone) as this is the person who knows your child best and spends the most time with your child.

 If the issue cannot be solved with the classroom teacher, then make an appointment with the Principal of the school. 

 If the situation cannot be resolved with the Principal, you may call the Superintendent of your School.  If issue is not resolved, the Associate Director and then the Director of Education maybe contacted.  


Most issues are resolved by the classroom teacher.