I believe that I should be:

- Accountable to school community for decisions made by the Board.
- Accessible to parents, guardians, families, rate payers, students and Administrators to address concerns from community and advocate for community members.
- An ambassador for the Ottawa Catholic School Board

I believe in our Board's Strategic Plan as stated on our Board Website and our Board Priorities:
 At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, all of our students are inspired and guided to realize their spiritual, social and academic potential, and to take their place in the world as thoughtful, well-rounded citizens. Our mission is to provide all of our students with quality education for the mind, body and spirit through an emphasis on academic excellence, social responsibility and Catholic values.

Student successI believe the Catholic Graduation Expectations (CGE) are central to student learning and development in today’s competitive environment. I believe all students from our system should be a discerning believer, effective communicator, creative thinker, critical thinker, self-directed, lifelong learner, collaborator, caring and responsible citizen
Staff Success: I believe that our educators and staff are essential to ensure the success of our students. Professional development for staff should include leadership, collaboration, technological skills and learning opportunities for all.
Stewardship of Resources: I believe that Ottawa Catholic is a leader in managing and balancing the Budget. I believe that our success is attained by the hard work of staff that focuses on the many levels of cost savings without scarifying quality of our environments (schools), staff development and student engagement.